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The Automotive Resource Network Holdings, Inc. ~ $ARNH


The Automotive Resource Network Holdings, Inc. ~ $ARNH


ARNH ~ Business Description

The Automotive Resource Network Holdings, Inc. engages in the provision of monthly renewable vehicle service contracting services. It covers a range of components that go wrong in various cars, as well as offers car rental and towing reimbursement for approved repairs.

The Automobile Resource Network knows how hard you work and how much you depend on your car not breaking down. The ARN is there to offer you hope that if and when that happens you’ll be able to cover the repairs.
In these difficult economic times, many of us are keeping our cars longer.
We can’t trade it in for a brand new car and on top of that our manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Most of us get bombarded with postcards, emails and phone calls that try to sell us vehicle protection coverage only for us to find out that the monthly payment is higher than our present car payment!

Products and Services

TheARN is happy to announce that it does not have to be so! TheARN is excited to be able to be the one to introduce you to the first ever Monthly Renewable Vehicle Service Contract (VSC)… What this means is that you don’t have to pay a large down payment; you don’t have to sign a long-term commitment and the only contract involved is one that makes sure your vehicles gets repaired. There is no need to make high monthly payments and most importantly…you can take your car to get repaired at any licensed mechanic!

Each VSC covers virtually every major component that can go wrong with your car.
For as little as a $249 one-time Activation Fee and $59.99, $69.99 or $79.99 per month (depending on State of residence, type of car, mileage and coverage options) you can have protection when you need it the most.
The VSC offers car rental and towing reimbursement for all approved repairs!
Simply have the car towed (or take it) to a licensed mechanic of your choice and hand them your Identification Card, we’ll do the rest!

All of TheARN’s Vehicle Service Contracts include:

Product backed by a rated insurance carrier!
Low Monthly fee
30 days & in some cases 1,000 miles benefit activation!
Covers Seals & Gaskets!
Covers Mechanical Breakdown!
Automatic renewal
100% of all covered claims are paid!
Claim payments made directly to the repair facility!
Car rental & towing benefit
Electronic payment processing
Live Customer Service
Live Claims Representatives
Nationwide coverage available at any qualified repair facility
This truly is the best value and the best coverage anyone can buy for their vehicles on the market today.
TheARN delivers you piece of mind coverage through the same no hassle, no contract, and no long-term commitment we deliver in all our products.

Welcome to The Automotive Resource Network… TheARN!

Ultimate Coverage

The Ultimate Coverage give you the best of all our product combined and truly is the best of the best when it comes to vehicle mechanical coverage. With TheARN’s Ultimate coverage you have the closest protection to when your vehicle was brand new and under the manufacturers warranty. TheARN’s Ultimate coverage takes care of 99% of all the components and items in and on your car that could possibly breakdown or malfunction and that is why we refer to this style of protection as EXCLUSIONARY. Just imagine being able to have the peace of mind that when something does go wrong it will be covered and fixed with no hassle or incovenience to you 99% of the time. As with all coverages some items and general wear and tear is not covered so the items listed in the detailed section are NOT COVERED, however most of these items do not pertain to everyone.

Powertrain Deluxe Coverage

Enhanced Powertrain Coverage:

The Automotive Resource Network Holdings, Inc. is a  publicly traded on the OTC Market under
the symbol, “ARNH”, and within the OTCPink Current Information market tier.  As such, Business, operational and financial information on ARNH is fully transparent and available to public view.

Visit  to see all the details

Market Value1:   $37,587,475     a/o Mar 23, 2012
A/S :      650 Million
O/S :      226,430,573  as of    3/6/2012
Float :     1.4 Million    as of    3/6/2012

Attorney’s Letter 1/22/2012 period ending  9/30/2011

Incorporated In: FL,USA
Year of Inc.:  1997

Transfer Agent

Security Transfer Corporation
Transfer Agent
2591 Dallas Parkway
Suite 102
Frisco, TX, 75034

PR Newswire (Wed, Mar 21)
Automotive Resource Network Schedules Strategic Meeting of Executives, Board Members, Vendors and Industry Partners

PR Newswire (Mon, Mar 19)
Automotive Resource Network Holdings, Inc. Releases Update and Summary of Corporate Mandate

PR Newswire (Tue, Mar 6)
The Automotive Resource Network Holdings Today Announced the Appointment of Mr. Rex Powers to the Executive Team

PR Newswire (Fri, Feb 24)
The Automotive Resource Network Holdings, Inc. Today Announced the Final Actions Have Been Completed to Greatly Reduce the Issued and Outstanding Shares of the Company

PR Newswire (Thu, Feb 23)
The Automotive Resource Network Holdings, Inc. Today Announced a Major Reduction in the Authorized Shares of the Company

PR Newswire (Tue, Feb 21)
WRAPmail Signs The Automotive Resource Network as Its Latest WRAPmail Enterprise Client

PR Newswire (Mon, Feb 6)
The Automotive Resource Network Holdings, Today Announced FINRA Has Approved the Requested Symbol Change ARNH That Now They Will Permanently Trade Under

Contact Us

The Automotive Resource Network Holdings, Inc.
375 Park Avenue
Suite 2607
New York, NY 10152
United States – Map
Phone: 214-347-0600

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