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New Sizzler $HRID Full Company Profile


Soon to be Named Noveau Life Pharmaceuticals (Pending Name Change)

HRID ‘s – Azul Instant™ Approved for Sale in Walgreens

HRIDHRID Launches Plan to Expand Into World-Wide Market

HRIDAnnounces Growth and Expansion
Leading Consumer Marketing Experts Set to Propel Nouveau Life
and Its Initial Product Offering Azul Instant™ to the Market Place

HRIDReleases Revenue Forecast for Azul Instant™ Product

“Based on our experience in marketing nutraceuticals and the current demand for the Azul Instant product, we believe we will exceed $5MM in revenue this year.
We estimate conservatively distribution at 500 stores per week with sales over $300,000 per month for the first 90 days and reaching over $500,000 in sales
month thereafter,” stated Ramiro Cadena, CEO of Nouveau Life Pharmaceuticals

HRID Products and Services:

Azul Instant™ was developed by the scientific research and development team of Nouveau Life Pharmaceuticals. The formula was developed with the same principals as other erectile dysfunction pharmaceuticals but in a safe and natural formulation.

Patients will now receive the NATURAL benefits of Azul Instant™ without experiencing the side effects associated with prescription medications. While there are other natural alternative supplements on the market today, Azul Instant™ is the only male product that works within 5 minutes.
Azul Instant™ lasts for up to 48 hours and has proven to help enhance stamina, endurance, strength and energy with no side effects.
Azul Instant™ is marketed under Nouveau Life Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the Company’s pending name change.

For more information, go to:

PR Newswire -(Wed, Mar 7)
HRID Launches Plan to Expand Into World-Wide Market

PR Newswire – (Tue, Feb 21)
HRID Announces Doctor Recommendation for Azul Instant™ – “Be Ready in an Instant”:

PR Newswire – (Tue, Feb 14)
HRID Forms Scientific Advisory Board:

PR Newswire – (Mon, Feb 13)
HRID Announces Plans for an All Natural Product for Females Suffering with Sexual Dysfunction:

PR Newswire – (Fri, Feb 10)
HRID’s Azul Instant™ Product for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Provides All Natural Alternative for 30 Million Men in the USA:

PR Newswire – (Wed, Feb 8)
HRID Announces Product Distribution Update and Additional Marketing Strategy for Azul Instant™ – “Be Ready in an Instant”:

PR Newswire – (Wed, Feb 8)
HRID Unveils New Brand Identity for Azul Instant™
“Be Ready in an Instant”:

Contact Noveau Life Pharmaceuticals:

401 E. Las Olas Blvd
Suite 130-609
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
Hybrid Fuels, Inc. – 954-903-2993

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