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AvWorks Aviation Corp.- SPLI

AvWorks Aviation Corp (SPLI:OTCQB)

SPLI – AvWorks Aviation Business Description

AvWorks Aviation Corp. is a diversified broker and supplier of parts, products and services to the worldwide aviation and aerospace markets. Founded in 2004, the Company services a broad range of commercial clients such as aircraft leasing companies, major airlines, repair stations, leasing companies and after market suppliers. We are accredited to FAA Advisory Circular AC 00-56 and TAC 2000. We are a registered U.S. GSA government contractor. Our customers include industry leaders Boeing, Moog, Flightstar, Woodward HRT and L3 Communications.

  • Diverse product mix of aerospace and aviation components and services
  • Multi-billion dollar worldwide market
  • Boeing certified supplier
  • In business since 2004
  • Established product and distribution networks in-place
  • Small company agility
  • U.S. FAA certified supply sources

AvWorks Aviation Corp. is a global supplier of inventory and component solutions to the aerospace and aviation industry.
The Company services a broad range of clients such as aircraft leasing companies, major airlines, repair stations, fixed-base operators (FBO’s), and after market suppliers.
AvWorks Aviation sources parts worldwide for aircraft of all types. We emphasize value, integrity, experience and service.


Our Customers

Boeing Training and Flight Services

Boeing Commercial Aircraft Seattle


L-3 Communications Integrated Systems

Mid America Aerospace

Mission Support, Inc.

Moog Aircraft Group

Moog Holland Aircraft Service

Texas Aerospace Services

Woodward HRT

Industry Data

AvWorks Aviation is a diversified aviation and aerospace Company that operates across multiple sectors and services

       including supply chain support, maintenance, manufacturing, asset management assistance, dismantling,

       specialty supply, technical data and aircraft on ground (AOG) solutions.

Every aircraft in the world is on a scheduled cycle that includes maintenance for every one of thousands of individual parts of the plane at least once during the lifetime of the asset. Airlines infrequently keep inventory on-hand favoring suppliers like AvWorks Aviation to supply parts on demand.

The long-range forecast anticipates delivery of 33,500 new airplanes over the next 20 years, valued at more than $4.0 trillion.  AvWorks operates in this sector as a diversified broker and supplier of parts, products and services to the worldwide aviation and aerospace markets servicing a broad range of clients such as aircraft leasing companies, major airlines, repair stations, fixed-base operators, leasing companies and aftermarket suppliers.
Source: Boeing Current Market Outlook 2011-2030

Estimates from the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA) put the number of aircraft destined for the junk yard over the next 20 years at 12,000, and pressure is growing to reduce significantly the amount of waste that goes to landfill. AvWorks intends to work with industry leaders to development environmentally-friendly aircraft reclamation service programs to take advantage of this growing industrial sector.
Source: afraassociation.org 2011

  • The worldwide Aviation Components and Services industry is a $500-billion market.
  • General aviation contributes more than $150 billion to the U.S. economy annually and employs more than 1,265,000 people.
    Source: General Aviation Manufacturers Association, 2011
  • U.S. Aerospace and defense industry sales for combined civilian and military sales are estimated at $116 billion for 2011. Though future Pentagon budgets are uncertain and may be pared, the industry expects to experience 5-8% growth
  • over the next decade.
    Source: Aerospace Industries Association, 2011

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Contact Us

4700 Hiatus Road
Suite 252
Sunrise, FL 33351
Website: http://www.avworksaviation.com
Phone: 954-749-0484
Email: info@avworksaviation.com

Corporate Office Address: 4700 Hiatus Road Suite 252, Sunrise, Florida 33351

Investor Contact: Joel A. Young, CEO

Email: info@avworksaviation.com

Phone: 954-749-0484

Fax: 954-749-0485

Industry Classification: Aircraft Equipment Parts and Supplies

State of Jurisdiction: FL

Financial Year End: December 31

Legal Counsel: David E. Wise, Esq., 210-558-2858

Auditor: Harris Rattray CPA, 954-439-2016

As Always: Our Number 1 Priority is to educate. Penny stocks are very volatile, Always do your own Due Diligence

Sources: otcmarket.com, www.bloomberg.com, www.finance.yahoo.com,  www.businessweek.com
(these are only sources and not always up to date)


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