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Omni Ventures, Inc. is a corporation located in Kansas, USA. It is a publicly traded holding, brand development and management company offering consumer products and services in high-end casual apparel as well as couture items and accessories to the customers worldwide, through a network or retail department and specialty stores, wholesale and via the Internet.

Here are a few things we do. Working to perfect our brand development and management business model we have conducted negotiations with various brand management companies, as well as established and/or distressed brand purveyors looking to enhance their business with our management’s experience with the purpose of maximizing the revenues, residuals and other forms of added value, which come with successful introduction of the new or expansion of the existing brands into the markets we serve.

In an effort to develop bonus worth for our shareholders we are working on creation of the portfolio of brands, in which we may own substantial principal equity. With that purpose we partnered up with an established equity fund, acquired and are managing unique brands of premium denim and other casual apparel known as PRVCYPREMIUM and PRVCYWEAR, as well as are working on development of other casual couture brands and acquisitions of existing companies in fashion accessories sand other consumer goods.

We believe that our brand development, marketing and management program may bring substantial value to our shareholders and create long-term streams of residual revenue.

The common denominator between all those various businesses is our vertically integrated and professionally managed core holding infrastructure, which provides for the execution of our well-coordinated investment and expansion strategy under the leadership of experienced industry professionals.




Early on the PRVCY brand was founded with a noble goal in mind: to create great casual couture apparel for women and men, share the profits with various breast cancer research foundations across the country and help in early detection and finding the cure. Today our company is carrying this legacy on. We are designing some of the best denim apparel on the planet, expanding into other deluxe casual clothing lines and will continue to support the breast cancer research as well as various other philanthropic causes.

Just as the three threads of our trademark Lifeline design the mission of our company is based on:


“FAITH” that through our creative inspiration and hard work PRVCY brand can continue bringing to the world some of the best clothes for all the folks who want to feel great and look cool.

“HOPE” that working together with the best designers and manufacturers, doing our best to deliver exactly what our customers desire now, we will be very successful and our proactive support of charitable causes may make the world a better place.

“LOVE” for what we do and being totally devoted to creating the perfect apparel for you. We will pour all of our hearts into every style and every fit every day.


Casual Couture Apparel for Women and Men





More Styles to Choose from



OMVE Recent News

Tuesday, November 15, 2011
PRVCY Couture Ships T-Shirts to a National Department Store Chain and Announces a New Licensing Agreement
GlobeNewswire (Tue 6:08PM EST)
[quote]NEW YORK, Nov. 15, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Omni Ventures, Inc. (OTCQB:OMVE – News) announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary PRVCY Couture, Inc. has shipped its first order of t-shirts to a customer, which is a national department store chain, and entered into an agreement with an established California-based marketing and production company to license design, production and distribution of certain PRVCY-branded t-shirts. In cooperation with the PRVCY creative team and under their strict supervision the licensee will design, produce market and distribute certain PRVCY-branded t-shirts on the territory of the United States.[/quote]

Monday, November 14, 2011
PRVCY Couture, Inc. Announces Distribution and Production Affiliation in Mexico, Eyes Latin American Territories
GlobeNewswire (Mon, Nov 14)
[quote]NEW YORK, Nov. 14, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Omni Ventures, Inc. (OTCQB:OMVE) announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary PRVCY Couture, Inc. has entered into the agreements to distribute the PRVCY-branded apparel and accessories in Mexico thus further expanding its network of international distributors and potential licensees. The deal with the Mexican distributor also includes certain production rights for the anticipated future diffusion brands owned or to be developed by the company.[/quote]

Tuesday, November 8, 2011
Omni Ventures Announces LOI to Acquire a Production Company in Los Angeles
GlobeNewswire (Tue, Nov 8)
[quote]NEW YORK, Nov. 8, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Omni Ventures, Inc. (OTCQB:OMVE – News) announced today that it has entered into a Letter of Intent to acquire the controlling stake in Jean Genie Studio, Inc., a Los Angeles-based company involved in various stages of design and production of denim and non-denim apparel. Pending successful completion of the detailed due diligence including the audit of the financials and other contractual matters, the acquisition is anticipated to close within forty five days from the effective date of the Letter of Intent.[/quote]

Wednesday, September 28, 2011
PRVCY Further Expands the Network of International Distributors[/b]
GlobeNewswire (Wed, Sep 28)

Monday, September 19, 2011
PRVCY Features New Line at New York Coterie Trade Show Increasing Sales[/b]
GlobeNewswire (Mon, Sep 19)




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OMVE Management Team

Charles Lesser. Director, President

Charles Lesser age 64, was the Chief Financial Officer of True Religion Apparel, Inc. (Nasdaq:TRLG) and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Guru Denim Inc. from 2003 to March, 2007 and as a consultant to True Religion Apparel, Inc. to September, 2007. Prior to that, Mr. Lesser was Acting President and a Director of Alpha Virtual Inc., a software development company listed on the OTCBB and from 1997 until 2002, Mr. Lesser was Chief Financial Officer of CBCom, Inc., an internet service provider listed on the OTCBB. From October 2007 to August 17, 2009, Mr. Lesser was Chief Financial Officer of Panglobal Brands, Inc. (OTC Markets: PNGB), a company which is engaged in the business of the design, production and sale of clothing and accessories; and was additionally Chief Executive Officer from August 17, 2009 until November 15, 2010. Since then Mr. Lesser has been in engaged in private business interests in the apparel industry.

Paul Guez. Chairman of the Board, Director

Paul Guez, age 66, is a director, president and Chairman of the Board of Blue Holdings, Inc., which designs, develops, markets and distributes high end fashion jeans, apparel and accessories. Mr. Guez has been with Blue Holdings since 2005. From 2002 to the present, he also been the managing partner of Blue Concept, LLC which is also engaged in the design, marketing, manufacturing and wholesale distribution of premium fashion collections. Previously Mr. P. Guez has been the founder of Sasson Jeans as well as such denim brands as Hippie Jeans, Antik, Taverniti So and Yanuk. Throughout his long career in denim business P. Guez assisted in development of multiple denim brands in the USA and abroad as well as worked with leading creative talent in the industry.

Christian A. Wicks. Director, President of Apparel and Accessories Division

Prior to joining Omni Chris operated as President of Defiance USA, Inc. for 5+ years in which he was in charge of production and distribution of such lines as English Laundry, Fender Clothing, John Lennon Collection, Jimi Hendrix Collection and The Scott Weiland Collection. During his time at Defiance USA he developed strong general management qualifications in strategic planning, manufacturing production scheduling and control, inventory/materials management, project development, warehousing, designing, distribution, budgeting/finance, human resources and capital improvement. He also assisted in payroll management, advertising campaigns, meeting crucial deadlines, handling daily deposits and general administrative management duties. His job duties also included implementing EDI Direct through AIMS/Innovation, compliance and testing with production teams with labs such as STR. He handled major accounts and distribution in which he built personal and long-term relationships as well as was instrumental in promoting his brands internationally. His major accomplishment during his time as President of Defiance USA was turning his Macy’s account from 10 stores to 300 + stores nationwide. Chis is planning on using these skills acquired during his tenure at Defiance USA along with his expertise to continue the success and growth of PRVCY and other apparel brands, which Omni may develop in the future.

J. Bernard Rice. Director

Managing Partner and founder of Best Practice Networks Inc, James Bernard Rice holds a B.A. from St. Anselm College (Manchester, New Hampshire) and a Masters in Business Administration in Marketing from Georgia State University. Mr. Rice also attended the IBM Presidents Program (a special Executive MBA program) at Harvard University Mr. MDP began his career with IBM in sales and held various sales leadership positions until 1983 when he entered IBM’s finance fraternity. Bernie’s work in business case structure and portfolio analysis led him to a role as IBM’s Finance Director for Application Software in 1985. He was promoted several times such that by 1989 he was appointed Director of Finance, Planning and Administration for IBM’s Southern Area. In that role, Mr. Rice was responsible for the staff functions of a $3 Billion business and he was instrumental in positioning IBM’s Southeast Region as the leader in billable services. Mr. Rice became Chief Financial Officer and General Partner for the IBM Venture Capital Group in 1993 and then Vice President of Business development for IBM’s Consumer Division in 1998. There he managed projects like IBM’s partnership with Berkshire Hathaway and Hallmark for the development of its breakthrough on-line research and learning platforms. Bernie also served as CEO of Edmark Inc, the IBM subsidiary that developed innovative educational software for children. In 2000 Mr. Rice orchestrated the spin-off of IBM’s education content assets into Riverdeep Inc. and contributed to Riverdeep becoming the fastest growing educational software company in the nation. Today Riverdeep has educational products in some 45,000 schools in over 20 countries. In late 2003, Mr. Rice left Riverdeep and co-founded Best Practice Networks Inc. Today Best Practice Networks is a leading innovator of easy-to-use on-line learning technology for K-12 students and adult career education students. Mr. Rice is currently also creating dedicated companies and partnerships to scale the success of these technologies. For example, he recently co-founded Educational Partners, which now markets educational software and workbooks in 20 languages for children 3 to 9 years of age.



Omni Ventures, Inc.
7500 College Boulevard, Suite 500
Overland Park, Kansas, 66210 USA
Company main number
+1 (913) 693-8073
Company fax number
+1 (913) 693-8001

General Questions
Investor Relations

Phone: 913-693-8073


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